Torre Zambra / Abruzzo, Italy


Blessed with sea and mountain climatic influences, Torre Zambra enjoys a beautiful setting in the picturesque hills of Villamagna.  Winemaking is serious and methodical utilising native yeasts, a combination of concrete tank and tonneau ageing, and dedicated sustainable farming.  Stunning fresh wines and gorgeous slurpable yet contemplative reds, a producer of amazing consistent quality.

Wines arriving November 2020.

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  • Torre Zambra Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Madia 2018

    $ 29.00 incl. GST

    Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Madia” is a perfect example of a traditional Abruzzese wine. The deep, intense pitch black hue, with its typical purplish glints, is due to Montepulciano grapes, rigorously selected on the hills of Villamagna, Abruzzo, at an altitude of about 200 metres. The unique south-west aspecting of the vines and the limestone and clay soils, together with a lucky position between seas and mountains, guarantee the excellent structure and complexity of this enjoyable red wine. The grapes are picked in the first ten days of October, and consequently the maceration in steel tanks at controlled temperature allows to extract the color from the skins. The wine then matures for a year in steel vats, and after the refinement continues for three months in the bottle.

    Ruby red color, with purplish glints. The clean nose profile shows berry fruits scents and jam aromas, with hints of violet and bitter liquorices in the finale. The wine is supple and warm, well-balanced, firm and pleasantly lasting in the mouth. It is an ideal food wine, perfect to pair with a wide range of dishes, easily drinkable and enjoyable every day.


  • Torre Zambra Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2019

    $ 29.00 incl. GST

    Result of a native vine from Abruzzo, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo is arguably the most known white wine from the region. For many years the vine was misunderstood by critics and confused with its Tuscan namesake, but during the latest years it has being re-evaluated as a wine purely expressive of Abruzzo.  In order to enhance at the best this cultivar, Torre Zambra decided to use the traditional training system of Abruzzo pergola, which offers shelter to the grapes from the burning summer sun giving them, at the same time, the ventilation and space necessary to grow luxuriant. The vineyards are located at about 130 metres above sea level, south exposed.

    Clusters are selected accurately during the harvest in late September, and, when they reach the cellar, are soft-crushed and pressed at cold temperature, in order to keep all the perfumes coming from the vineyard; then they continue the fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and the wine matures in steel vats for about two months, followed by another month in the bottle.

    Trebbiano d’Abruzzo “Madia” presents a typical clear straw yellow, with a good fragrance that perfectly reminds the characteristics of our territory: at the nose is fruity and clean, with small white flowers aromas and a touch of bitter almond scent. In the mouth is fresh and perfectly balanced, with citrus notes and exotic fruits; very enjoyable with a wide range of foods, easily drinkable for an everyday use.


  • Torre Zambra Colle Maggio Pecorino 2019

    $ 41.00 incl. GST

    Torre Zambra was one of the first Abruzzo wineries to wager on the renaissance of this heirloom vine, creating the Pecorino “Colle Maggio”. The real origins of Pecorino are a mystery, although legend says its name comes from the fact that in ancient times the vines growing on Abruzzo mountains were the favourite snack for sheep (“pecora” in Italian). A number of researchers believe the cultivar to be related to “Greco”, of Greek origin, which later spread around the Campania region and other areas of southern Italy.

    All Torre Zambra vineyards are located at about 200 metres of altitude on limestone and clay soils, with perfect south-east aspect to guarantee the tanginess and structure of the wines. The harvest, which takes place during the second ten days of September, ensures perfect ripeness and development of the clusters, bathed in sunshine for the highest number of hours a year.

    Maceration at very low temperatures for 24 hours in steel tanks is followed by two months in steel vats and two in the bottle, respecting the winery tradition.

    The Pecorino is brilliant straw yellow with a subtle nose of citrus notes, lemon to the fore, with a touch of pineapple. At the palate a crisp, balanced and truly lingering aromas of lychees and citrus fruit can be perceived.


  • Torre Zambra Colle Maggio Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2017

    $ 45.00 incl. GST

    Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Colle Maggio” attracts appreciative glances thanks to its impenetrable pitch black hue, an enchanting deep colour.

    The wine is made with rigorously selected grapes from the Colle Maggio hillside in Villamagna, at an altitude of about 200 metres on the sea level. The south-east exposure of the vines and limestone and clay soils allow the production of a red wine with a great complexity. The grapes are picked by hand and collected in small wooden crates in the first ten days of October. Once in the cellars, the long maceration in steel tanks at controlled temperature guarantees to extract all the colour from the skins.

    The wines then mature for six months in concrete vats, for a further eight months in French and Slavonian oak tonneaux (20% in first-passage oaks and 80% in second-passage) and finally for four months in the bottle.

    Characteristic of this wine is its deep black colour, with ruby glints. The nose is intense, with wild berries aromas and notes of tobacco, coffee and cocoa powder in the finale. In the mouth the wine is complex, supple and round.

    Aftertastes of chocolate can be perceived in the close, with hints of bitter almonds, purely typical of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Thanks to its complexity is perfect with flavoursome first courses and barbecued meat, particularly game and lamb.