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Torre Zambra Incastro Bianco 2022

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50% Pecorino, 30% Passerina and 20% Trebbiano from plots around the estate, fermented and rested in stainless steel tanks before bottling.

Extensive winemaking trials and evolution see the whites now inoculated rather than wild fermented as per the reds, with reason being they ferment through quicker and cleaner and hit a more pinpoint style.  Such an interesting wine here, highly aromatic and fruit-driven but with a ‘more you look, the more you see’ level of complexity.  Pineapples, tinned fruit salad, lychees and tropical fruit leap out of the glass on the nose, almost a Sauvignon Blanc intensity here.  These flavours continue on the palate, but there’s further elements – almonds and walnuts give a subtle bittering twist, torn mint leaves and white flowers all showing their hands.  In simple terms, a delicious, super interesting textural dry white perfect for the warmer months.


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