22 DEGREE HALO / Riverland, SA


A 22 degree halo is a visual moon ring, and according to folklore warns of forecoming climatic change. These stepping stone wines bring together grapes which originate from cooler European regions, with adaptive grape varieties well reputed to making great wines in our warm Australian climate. Grown in South Australia’s Riverland and produced by the forward thinking alternative varieties champion Ashley Ratcliffe, these are wines for our changing times.

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  • 22 Degree Halo Sauvignon Blanc, Zibbibo and Fiano 2019

    $ 22.00 incl. GST

    All grapes reveal their personalities here, with grassy Savvy B meeting the aromatic lift of Zibbibo and the honeysuckle of Fiano. In all, fun juice well made for dropping in the esky and taking to the park over the summer months.

  • 22 Degree Halo Cabernet Nero 2019

    $ 22.00 incl. GST

    An odd blend which works a treat – redcurranty Cabernet aromas meet juicy, herbal Nero d’Avola on the palate. Rippling with small red berries, this juicy and zippy vino screams for pizza, pasta, or pretty much any Mediterranean fare and beyond. Fun juice, as the cool kids say.