Named after Jo’s mother and made from the borderline extinct variety Darnekuša – only 1.5 ha in existence.  Its delicate flavours, light colour and low potential alcohol make it a perfect rosé variety, herentopping out at 11%, with texture and palate weight derived from bâtonnage.  The vineyard sits around 500 metres on a hill top, giving well ventilated and clean fruit. 

‘Darne’ derives from a Turkish word, used to describe the moment between a wild party descends into a full on orgy.  Curious naming for such a fine and delicate grape!

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Ahearne Vino

Hvar, Croatia

To call the CV of Jo Ahearne MW comprehensive would be an understatement. Hailing from East London, she trained in winemaking in Australia working in a variety of regions, before returning to Europe in 2003. she continued making and blending wine around the glove in a role with Marks and Spencer, and was awarded her Master of Wine in 2008.

Setting her sights eventually on Hvar, Croatia, her focus is now her own wine, born of a passion for rare and unusual varieties, some near extinction. “The grapes do the talking,” she says of her minimal intervention approach. An utterly compelling set of wines across the board, of unique, unmatchable provenance.